Electrical Component & SubSystem Purchase Specs

Work Description:
1) The Flight III Design of the DDG 51 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer requires assistance in purchase specification development for electrical components and sub systems.
2) Purchase Specification Skill Areas:
1. BS / MS in Marine Engineering fields, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, System Engineering, or equivalent experience with electrical systems.
2. Familiarity with the engineering change processes.
3. Familiarity with medium voltage (4160) electrical distribution systems.
4. Understanding of functional one line diagrams and electrical schematics.
5. Proficiency in the development of one line diagrams and electrical schematics in AutoCAD.
6. Identification of applicable specifications and standards, including Federal standards (such as Mil Specs and Mil Stds), Commercial specs (such as ASTM, ASNE) and others as required for a particular equipment.
7. Familiarity with the integration of equipment with electrical systems. Familiarity with the integration of equipment with shipboard electrical systems preferred.
8. Familiarity with specification of Vendor deliverables/SDRL (Supplier Data Requirements List) items.
9. Familiarity with specification of Testing Requirements including First Article Testing and recurring unit testing.
10. Strong technical writing ability. These skills should have been demonstrated in the development of technical procurement documents, technical reports, and / or instructions to installation personnel.
11. Ability to interface with Mechanical Engineering for development of electrical/electronic/controls aspects of equipment
12. Ability to interface with Navy Technical authorities and equipment suppliers.
13. Ability to comply with proper handling, safeguarding and dissemination of Navy Technical Data.

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